Enduro Pilipinas



Inspired by the enormous growth of the new racing format in the western hemisphere we decided to form a governing body in the eastern part of the globe. This will professionalize Enduro racing by the formulation of policies , guidelines ,and rules in line with international standards.

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Over the past couple of years, this question has been asked incessantly. Not because ENDURO racing has had a difficult time introducing itself to the world, no. It comes more from the fact that ENDURO RACING is a fast, if not the fastest, growing riding format all over the world. So what is it exactly? What does it mean and how does it differ from the different bike racing or biking (in general) formats out there? Enduro started much like mountain biking itself – it filled a new, emerging need for bike riders. Mountain bike racing has always highlighted the extremes of the sport – on one side of the spectrum you had the uber fit, extremely technical and blindingly fast Downhill Racing where bikes were very burly, heavy and sturdy. Riders are set to go as fast as they could while tackling some of the fastest and roughest trails known to man – normally taking several kilometers in four to five minutes. The other side features Cross Country Racing – known in the biking circles by it’s moniker ‘XC Racing’. XC, unlike Downhill Racing, features lighter bikes, a fanatical focus on endurance and cardio vascular supremacy, versus the shorter and rougher races of the DH category. But what about the people in the middle? Those who see the immensely fun descent as a reward for the grueling climb up? This is where Enduro riding comes in. A large portion of MTB riders have this mindset – earning the fun of going downhill by riding up a mountain. This is why this format and style of riding is increasing in popularity, because of it’s all-around skill and the fact that many riders within the bell curve can participate in this type of riding.

“ENDURO IS THE ESSENCE OF MOUNTAIN BIKING…” That is what Ritchie Schley, one of the world’s foremost mountain bike riders, has said about the mountain bike racing format; and he’s not the only one who thinks this either. Enduro riding is the fastest growing biking discipline and racing format, not just in Europe, but all over the world. And it’s time that the Philippines gets a taste of the action.


From Cagayan Valley to Zamboanga …not many serial parties, sporting events or races have such a wide reach across the nation – but the racing series called ENDURO PILIPINAS has this as standard, built into the nature of the series itself.

How did it all start?